Friday, May 22, 2009

Toyota Corolla vs Honda Civic

Back to Reality
What a matchup we have today.
Both are world class leaders in reliability, gas mileage, consumer best choice awards, & all around good cars. Having said that its no wonder they are every where, if you commuted to work or wherever you probably saw one if not both of them.

Head to Head we have the Honda Civic against the Toyota Corolla. Both being mid range (not the best or not the worst within the line – up) and 4 door sedans. I know, quite a match up. Can one really be better than the other when they have both proven so much. Well, here at ThsiCarThatCar we are going to try and see if we can declare a winner.

This review is a level 3 as both cars have been test driven.

First is the Toyota Corolla.

Great Car! --- 1.8L 4 cyl 132hp--- 27mpg city 35mpg H-way --- 2882 lbs --- 57.7inch Tall 177.3inch Long.
Warranty: 36000mi or 3 years (Basic) 60000mi or 5 years (Power train) --- Seats 5
Price from: $16,150usd

Now for the Honda Civic

Again – Great Car! --- 1.8L 4cyl 140hp--- 25mpg city 37mpg H-way --- 2820 --- 56.5inch Tall 177.3inch Long.
Warranty: 36000mi or 3 years (Basic) 60000mi or 5 years (Power train) --- Seats 5
Price from: $16,350usd

Sooooo.......................which one is better. Tough choice! Would almost consider tossing a coin.
However if I had to put one in my garage..... well, it would be the Honda Civic. Both cars have an unbelievable heritage and maybe at a different time & place I would reconsider. Being a male in my mid 20's I felt the Honda was trendy, more so than the Toyota. The Civic is lower and shorter, given only by a couple inches here and there, but I felt the Civic to be sportier. Hondas interior seemed to be more futuristic, (if you can really say that about the inside of a car) and I liked that. The Corolla was simply what I expected it to be on the inside.

Now if you are considering changing from the Corolla to the Civic you would have to take into consideration that the Honda is generally a little more expensive than the Corolla.

With rubber to burn and roads to drive you won’t have to worry about either car expiring before the 200k mile mark, as these two have proven in the past that they have what it takes to be long term players. With maintenance being relatively inexpensive you can bet that both Civic and Corolla are a good investment.

Happy Driving

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ferrari FXX vs Lamborghini Reventon

Dreaming Big! (and really fast!)
Alrighttt.......... what a perfect way to start the first review with two absolutely stunning vehicles.
Now chances are if you can afford either of them you probably have both of them.
So having to choose won’t be that much of an issue.
For starters, I’m sure these automakers need no introduction, and these cars being top of the food chain for both brands makes for some series battle. Both the Reventon and the FXX are based on previous models from Lamborghini & Ferrari. The Murci√©lago and the Enzo.

Clearly this is a Level 1 Review.

Lamborghini Reventon
Debuted in 2007. Only 21 ever built.
650 hp @ 8000rpm --- Top speed 221mph --- 3670 lbs --- 6.5L V12 --- 0-60mph: 3.4sec
Price Tag: 1.3 – 1.8 million USD

Ferrari FXX
Debuted in 2005. Only 30 ever built.
800 hp @ 8500rpm --- Top speed 250mph --- less than 3200lbs --- 6.3L V12 --- 0-60mph: less than 3.3sec
Price Tag: 1.9 million + USD

Which one is better? (kind of a trick question)
However, to have to live with only one..........well, sorry Lambo fans I am going with the FXX.
I know that the FXX is not street legal and the Reventon is, but if an officer of the law were to stop and question you, I don’t think there would be a problem getting away in a high speed chase.

The regular (hate to say that, nothing really regular about either cars) Enzo is more prestigious than the Murciélago. With the introduction of the Reventon, Lamborghini defiantly closes that gap on the original difference. Either car would put the Batmobile to shame! (in speed not in shooting guns)

This car (FXX) would probably have me behind bars faster than you can say BOBSYOURUNCLE (no seriously it’s that fast) so maybe its better I don’t have one.

A much more thorough and further analysis is required. I am planning to contact each manufacture to see if they can send one of each model so that I may do a level 3 review............................YA...Right.

Please obey speed limits.

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Here Goes Nothing!

If you stumbled upon my blog, Thanks!
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However this is my first post. (Applause)
Thank You, Thank You.
You may not no exactly what “This Car That Car” is all about. That’s okay though, because I’m sure by reading the welcoming statement you get the idea.

Just to clarify:
My name is Sean and I love vehicles. Typical, for many young men I know! I am not your average car buff. To separate me form the rest I claim the following: My first word ever on this great green earth was “car” that is a fact! Not only that but I spend most of my free time salivating over the internet. Weither its looking at cars for sale or finding certain specs. Also to add to my expertise, I have professionally imported vehicles from one country to another.
Getting back to the main point, I have created this site to act as a haven for consumers to witness head to head comparisons on any type of vehicle: new/used, pretty/ugly, fast/slow,
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Now unfortunately I have yet to drive every car out their (One Day!) so I can only speak about what I have read and believe.

To add to the above, I’m not 100% Blog savvy. So for now This Car That Car may be a little bland. But like a car just purchased I can’t wait to make this Blog my own.

So stay tuned as average, extravagant, & boring vehicles (as well as everything in between) gets compared and reviewed by yours truly.